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All my ducks are finally in order. Gonna release my album "Ready To Live", we are looking at June. So far, we have 10 shows lined up in 6 different states for promo. Im exited, & during everything i been going through this year, i worked my butt off making this album. I am proud of it

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If you cant get anybody to help you find your way, do what you have too, get your $ right, and find it on your own.

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Today is the day, my first single is supposed to be released. Ive been in the streets and online doing lots of promo. Hope everybody is doing well also. Salute. ✨

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In tbe last month, my nephew got a guilty verdict in a murder trail, my daughter got shot, and i lost a close friend. Been going through it. I have a LOT to release on the microphone. Hope everybody doing well. #VampMobb

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