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5 years ago - Translate - Youtube

Appreciate everyone who checking out the music and merchandise i post. Id also like too see and hear some of yours. Heres my latest video. Check it out if you get a moment, if you like, click suscribe on YouTube and ill suscribe back. Thanks yall.

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5 years ago - Translate

In the process of reaching out to artist for Project Shadow. My upcoming release for 2018. It will be a compilation of my production coupled with the talent of many independent artists form the East and West Coast

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  • Roderick Erwin
    Rahjiin "Tha California Golden Bear"

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA
    Producer, writer, emcee, audio engineer and President/C.E.O. of Storm Front Recordz, Inc.

    Was introduced to music at an early age by his mom, who managed groups and owned and operated a production/entertainment company.

    Begin his journey in hip hop at the age of 8 and never looked back.

    "I have constantly challenged myself, and tried to evolve with my music! From making my own beats, to my writing, to my delivery. All I've ever wanted was to be the best me I can possibly be and hope my music inspires someone, somewhere!"