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How can I access the elements of a Stored Procedure output parameter?

I have a table with 3 columns Date, Duration & Location, where the first one is the Date of an Event's start & the second is its duration.
select date = @StartDate, duration = @Duration
from [dbo].[Content]
where location = @Location

In my code I call the stored procedure with the following values @StartDate 50e0806aeb wenokel

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You can simply dial on different soundscape presets or sequences, adjust the delay setup for your needs and record the result, after which you can fine-tune the ingredients of an ideal setting.
In the free screen, you will find the most important settings for your delay effects. Easily adjust and experiment with the included parameters as well as apply delays to your music through an easy grid display of twelve audio lanes.
Easy to work with
Configuring the settings can 50e0806aeb nebgrac

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Best of all, it is free.
Technical Specifications
This beeware is available through a download-installation. There is no archive or some full version file to extract it from.
After starting the setup-process the application will install on your computer. The installation package includes the application itself, two required DLLs and some utility exe files.
You do not have to explain where the application will be stored on your computer. The responsible installer knows all possible 50e0806aeb deadoug


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This particular variety of cursors doesn’t go into the same details as some other sets, but is still able to provide a wide range of options for a broad audience.

FreeCursor 1.0.0 does what any good freeware should, so I’m not overly surprised or disappointed with this self-proclaimed “fully-featured” multipurpose Cursor tool.
The multi-monitor support within FreeCursor is one feature that sets it 66cf4387b8 naisana

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