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What is it:AdBlocker Ultimate is a simple browser extension for Windows, that allows you to easily blacklist certain types of ads and other disruptive content, while having to wear a multitude of hats when browsing the net. The utility leverages Google’s own counting system, meaning that once a web page is determined as Ad-heavy, Google Advertising Services (GAS) will generate a random number, which will determine the amount of ad, which will be displayed on the page, 50e0806aeb taleame

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One can choose to block inputs and execute unusual or new applications (e.g., install keylogger).

Wondering where to get the best temperature and CPU monitoring software? Browse by category: control center monitoring, s...

Wondering where to get the best temperature and CPU monitoring software? Browse by category: control center monitoring, screen recording, and more! DiggThis supports multiple monitors at once. Is there a reason why they don't just set up 2 monitors 50e0806aeb fravyt

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In Xao Pan EZiText, an extensive sequence of text editing capabilities can be found. The app has a simple, user-friendly interface that invites users to dive into creating and polishing a piece of creative writing.
What's more, it’s available for Windows and Linux users, too, whilst a web version is available for all those who prefer the comfort of internet instead of a desktop app.
A standard Windows-only installation process
The installation is a basic 66cf4387b8 therbern

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