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What's your daily ritual nowadays? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Rminder is a small, unobtrusive extension for Google Chrome that reminds you about the most important things in your day while browsing on the browser.

stop, breathe, and let rminder improve your life

Even though rminder is just a small Chrome extension, its effect can be a very positive one. The best part about it is that it doesn't get in your way while working. 50e0806aeb takmai

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“buy now to continue”
Order Lesson Plans now and save a lot of money! 20 lesson plans can be bought together and are available at a much discounted price than buying them individually. Please contact me to discuss if you wish to purchase multiple lesson plans.
Some of the content in the product may be copyrighted. All rights reserved. This product is sold as is, and no warranty or support is provided.
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Kickass Android

Other Software

You can share your files with people who do not possess the same phone without using Google Drive as the default sharing method. That's the main purpose of this software.

Other Features

Control the power of your computer remotely and turn it off from a distance. No need to come over and unlock it.

Subscription Required

Have you ever wanted to wake your phone up when you're on the road? Android Ice Wake 50e0806aeb delmmar

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Whether you're a newbie or you've been around for some time, you'll find the feature-rich and easy-to-use extension described above to be all you need. And the good news is that now, you have no excuse to skip taking any kind of screenshot you see on the Web.

Photography would no doubt be the best way of documenting what you're seeing right? Well, what about if you could combine photography and the Web. Not some fancy gadget, 50e0806aeb yaniwyl

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