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Hi, my name is DeAnne Dato-on from the International Institute of Digital Marketing. Let’s talk a little about using digital marketing as a musician. This is something that’s very important to me as both a musician and a marketer. The music market is extremely broad and rapidly growing. It is estimated by 2022, the number of subscribers subscribing to a paid music streaming service will reach 350 million. That’s a lot of people out there, ready and waiting to hear your music!

So how do you put together a great music marketing campaign? Well, I’m here to give you some tips to help you get started.

1. Define the target audience. Your target audience is who you target with your marketing campaign. Figure out what type of listeners you are creating music for.

2. Analyze the market. Study and identify your “competitors”. What makes you different and what makes you stand out from them? What can you offer your audience that your competitors can’t? That is what you highlight.

3. Specify your goals. These are both your long-term and short-term goals. What do you want to accomplish? Release an album by a certain date? Write that down. What do you want to communicate to your audience through your music? Write that down as well.

4. Grow your social media presence. With 3.96 billion people worldwide using social media, this is a must in your marketing campaign. Post your practicing and your songs, create music tutorials, and engage with your audience on a human level.

5. Network with other musicians. Find social media influencers and other musicians on social media and invite them to collaborate with you. Start with smaller influencers and gradually reach out to others.

6. Get a website. Although social media is optimal for engaging and reaching out to your audience, a website is your brand. It’s your portfolio with your music, your bio, lists of concert dates, and so on.

7. Create an email newsletter. Now that you have a website, you can collect the contacts of your audience. Employ this tool to inform your audience of music release dates, concert events, and other music events you are planning.

8. Build your electronic press kit. Your EPK is a central location of all your assets that editors, bloggers, radio directors, and the media will see.

9. Get on playlists. With the majority of music listeners on music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Amazon Music, it’s time to reach new listeners by getting on playlists. This is the surest way of getting your music heard.

10. Release singles from an album early on. Plan to slowly start releasing your music from your album on, building audience engagement and interest with each one. Treat each single as a mini-release, each with its own round of social media posts and press.

And those are 10 tips I have for you for getting your music out there. Thanks so much for listening and don’t forget to like and subscribe to IIDM. Talk to you later.

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INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL MARKETING ™ is a certifying body founded in the USA by several long-standing marketers. We have years of experience in business, marketing, and more, and have put forth our combined experience to develop IIDM. Digital Marketing is something that’s all around us, yet there has been no solid foundation for marketing in many, many years. In the news, there are blunders again and again by companies, failing some of the core aspects of modern marketing. Because of this, the need for a solid, stable foundation for marketing in the modern world is needed– a foundation with the ability to be built upon and developed with time.

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