5 Books Every Songwriter, Musician, and Band Should Read:

Books From Video:

PLAIN AND SIMPLE GUIDE TO MUSIC PUBLISHING: What You Need to Know About Protecting and Profiting from Music Copyrights


SHORTCUTS TO SONGWRITING FOR TV & FILM: 114 Tips for Writing, Recording, & Pitching in Today’s Hottest Market

TUNESMITH: Inside the Art of Songwriting (Jimmy Webb)

SONGWRITER’S MARKET 40TH EDITION: Where & How to Market Your Songs


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About This Video:
Are you a songwriter, musician, or band that wants to know how to get a publishing deal or record deal? Do you want to know how to get songs in tv, movies, and commercials? Ever ask, “What is music publishing and how does it work?”

These 5 books are filled with music industry tips, opportunities, and resources to answer these questions and more. Whether you write indie rock or hip hop, your music career will benefit from these guides.

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