5 Music Marketing Strategies You Need To Do DAILY (Build A Fanbase For Your Music)

Let’s talk about INSTAGRAM GROWTH and what it takes to grow 1,000 new followers for your music. This is one of the daily music marketing strategies that I implement for all my clients to build fanbase for your music career.

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It starts with the DECISION that you are mentally and physically prepared for growth that you want to PRIORITISE daily action to build a fanbase for your music.

Over time, the 5 daily music marketing strategies become habits and run on autopilot, helping you to build a fanbase for your music career without even realising.

The 5 Daily Music Marketing Strategies are:

1) Reply to 5 x Stories
2) Comment on 5 x Feed Posts with a question
3) Follow 5 New People
4) DM an introduction to 5 new People and start conversation
5) Follow 5 x Hashtags

In this video you will learn:

– How To Build A Fanbase From Scratch
– Daily Music Marketing Strategies for Instagram Stories

If you are wondering how to build a fanbase from scratch, then watch to the very end to discover how to use this music marketing strategy to grow by 1,000 followers in 7 months and aim for 2K followers within 1 year!

This is the starter technique I use for how to build a fanbase as an artist, producer or musician.

Hope it serves you well! Who’s ready for the 5 By 5 Challenge to begin on Dec 1st???


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