Shared Success Global holds over 30 years of services and experience combined through its Global Network of Entrepreneurs and Partners which include some of the most elite industry professionals of the Entertainment and Entrepreneurial Industries. Founder and Entertainment Executive, Tiffany Gaines, used her vision to construct alternatives and formulas for entrepreneurs in search of a way to increase potential growth in all areas of their professional career. This is made possible through proficient and strategic solutions offered as transformative resources focusing on creating innovative and groundbreaking results.

The online organization is ultimately aimed at providing instructions, guidance and support through coaching programs, online courses/tutorials and webinars taught by Gaines herself catered specifically for entrepreneurs set to heighten their level of achievements via their overall objectives and goals. SS Global serves the purpose of developing perspective, creativity, vigor and enthusiasm as well as imagination in any field or industry.

For Entrepreneurs, we offer opportunities to develop and maintain modern and ever-changing skills, avenues to explore new interests and a revolutionary breakthrough to incredible real work educational and ground-breaking material for your developmental needs and experiences.

For Businesses, we offer invaluable insight through creative solutions towards the common problems faced, advanced systems of technology through programmatic marketing and traffic building resources and strategies as well as new and evolving programs to assist with cultivating business growth and entrepreneurship.

For those interested in learning at a pace that is more comfortable and convenient for daily schedules and tasks, we also offer the Shared Success Entrepreneur Academy which serves as an online educational platform outlined categorically by way of video courses and webinars based on the fundamentals necessary to succeed and grow with a focus on all of your entrepreneurial needs.