Roddy Ricch’s BM Says Twitter Was Hacked Following Troubling Tweets About Rapper. She called the posts “fake news” and quickly took them down.
Fans were concerned earlier today (June 2) after tweets from Allie Minati, the mother of Roddy Ricch’s child, went viral. The Los Angeles rapper isn’t one to make waves on social media and Allie has kept a low profile ever since she gave birth to their son back in April 2020. The status of their relationship isn’t something that they boast about in the media, so it came as a surprise when troublesome tweets were sent out from Allie’s Twitter account.

Before locking down her page and making her Twitter private, OnSite was able to grab screenshots. “If you had any relations with @RoddyRicch pls go get checked ladies,” the tweet read. “I know it’s plenty of y’all out there, be safe cause he not telling ppl what he got… @RoddyRicch you might as well gon head n let everybody know.” The reactions were swift, but Allie returned to state that she wasn’t behind the post. “I was hacked yall!” wrote Allie. “All the blogs hitting me so thirsty for some fake news lol I don’t got it for y’all.” Still, there were people who responded to her updated post by saying they don’t believe her, while others jumped in to defend both Roddy and Allie against naysayers because they’re so unproblematic.

Swipe below to read through the posts and a few reactions.

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