Welcome to our fifth podcast covering physical health and its influence on hip-hop culture.

When you think about fitness, health, workouts, plant based diets, eating habits, growing your own food, etc… What are the chances that you also think of hip-hop culture? Probably NONE. Zero. Zip. Nada.

With the undeniable and overwhelming hip-hop related images and lifestyles that often saturate [social] media, along with blaring chart-topping (often… unwholesome) lyrics on repeat – we don’t blame you.

This podcast may actually come as a surprise. We discuss everything from Ruff Ryder street workouts, Jadakiss and Styles P health stores, vegan rap videos, Nike lawsuits… What is hip-hop’s stance on the health wave now and where is it headed?

We are stoked to bring the bodega to you during a time like this. Stay safe, be healthy and don’t forget to “digital handshake” those you can’t be around.


[ 0:00 ] Intro
[ 1:20 ] Staying healthy during Covid-19
[ 3:38 ] Physical health – when did we first see health in hip-hop
[ 7:54 ] Does poverty affect health education
[ 10:40 ] Juices for Life
[ 12:00 ] Accountability in health
[ 13:00 ] Community outreach in health education
[ 14:40 ] Vegan lifestyle & rap videos
[ 18:30 ] How do you think health has shaped hip-hop and the artists?
[ 21:30 ] Staying mentally healthy in the game
[ 25:00 ] Healthy Artists and their lifestyle
[ 27:25 ] Is health marketing in hip-hop real or fake?
[ 31:00 ] Keeping balance in your life
[ 32:00 ] Artificial beef flavoring / Impossible Foods
[ 36:30 ] Video Games
[ 36:55 ] $1.00 Record Album Reviews
[ 44:46 ] Battle Rap Updates
[ 54:16 ] Black and Mild News
[ 56:10 ] Pointed Star Nike lawsuit / Virgil scandals
[ 1:00:52 ] Lyrical Breakdown (Cambatta)
[ 1:05:57 ] Outro


We are always looking for new artists and local talents and would love to collaborate with you. Reach out on any of our social media platforms to be a part of the podcast in the future :

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Intro and Outro song : original by Mr. Das One


Derek Bradford @warready_d
Alexander Das @mrdasone


Mr. DasOne

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✪ AFTERTHOUGHT : The green screen visuals have camouflaged Derek’s dome piece hat that was already a camo print and matched the same color as our green screen. Around the 36 minute mark there is an audio and video glitch. At 42:50 there is a random cash sound as well. We will continue to improve on the lighting and setup. We still hope that you enjoyed watching!



Bodega Bytes is a bi-weekly hip-hop podcast founded by Alexander Das (Mr. Das One) and Derek Bradford (War Ready D). Each episode covers everything from recent news, new releases, international artists, juicy music videos and oodles of dope, fresh content for your ears. Whether you’re a hip-hop head or not, we make the convo all-inclusive.

We got our name from the many bodegas in NYC that represent the culture and vibe of hip-hop music. The “Bytes” is a reflection of our nerdy interests within rap culture.

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