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In “ENTERTAINMENT HIP HOPNEWS TODAY” and “CELEBRITY NEWS” HIP HOP. Rapper Bankroll Ziggy gives homeless man the clothes off of his back.
We normally see rappers on Worldstar hip hop normally for a negative reason. On this video you’ll see a perfect example of black rappers giving back. In this video you’ll see rapper “BANKROLL ZIGGY” helping a homeless man. The “DRAKKO”rapper gives a homeless man the clothes of his own back.

Since the 90’s black rappers and hip hop music has been scared with the label of encouraging rap violence and overall just negative. Violence in rap music has caused many people to lose their lives for over 30 years. With this generation, we have the worst rappers in the game. Rap music has caused “BIGGIE SMALLS” death and also got NIPSEY HUSSLE Killed. This gesture is refreshing to see from BANKROLL ZIGGY because it goes against the stereotype of hip hop and black rappers. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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