What’s up everyone! Here’s a breakdown video of how I got my Instagram account verified and became a verified producer! ✅

I get a lot of DMs and emails from you guys asking how to get verified – especially from a music producer or rapper standpoint – so I wanted to make this video walking through the process of getting verified on Instagram in 2020. Also, in this video I wanted to give some feedback on the whole Instagram verification status since it’s been a few months since my Instagram account was verified.

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Hey! I am Omito Beats, a music producer from Canada. Welcome to my channel where I post type beats and instrumentals that I produce using FL Studio 20. I like to think of myself as a multi-genre music producer, so this is a place where you’ll find and download Pop Type Beats, Hiphop Type Beats, Trap Type Beats, Rap Type Beats, and more genres of type beats. I post instrumental beats for singers, freestyle rappers, unsigned musicians, and a lot more. I hope you enjoy listening to these instrumental beats!

Got a suggestion for a new style beat or instrumental? Post your suggestion in the comments and I’ll decide what to make in FL Studio 20 next!

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How I Got Verified On Instagram As A Musician! | Music Producer, Rapper Advice

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