We’re speaking to Sam Saideman, co-founder of Innovo Music Management about TikTok, influencer marketing, and how artists can do it effectively – it’s a really interesting conversation, full of good ideas, and free of marketing blah blah.

Sam’s a big fan of TikTok – “it has an unlimited upside” he says – but if you get TikTok wrong, you can get it really wrong. “You could easily spend $100,000 on a music marketing campaign on TikTok and not get a single thing you wanted out of it… and they guy next to you could spend $500 activating one influencer and go viral overnight” says Sam. He talks about the mistakes that big legacy marketing firms – like major labels – make when engaging with TikTok, and explains what they really should be doing.

Innovo management manages creators who currently reach over 43 million followers on TikTok, and Sam compares managing artists to influencers, what artists are doing wrong on TikTok, and he explains how making lots of low budget videos are the right way to go.

Innovo: innovomanagement.com (https://www.innovomanagement.com)

Sam’s blog post about finding your niche on TikTok (https://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2022/06/musicians-the-algorithm-doesnt-owe-you-but-it-definitely-owns-you.html).


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