How vital are authentic customer connections to growing a business? David Stewart, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sweetwater, suggests that the focus on customer experience is the “magic” behind the company’s massive success. Tune in to learn how David’s lifelong passion for music has fueled a 30-year career at one of the world’s leading musical instrument and audio equipment retailers.

Key Moments:
0:00 Episode start
1:45 What is David currently excited about at Sweetwater?
3:50 Why Sweetwater encourages its teams to think outside the box
5:40 How did David’s love of music lead him to Sweetwater?
9:43 What is Sweetwater and how did it start?
14:09 Sweetwater’s emphasis on the customer experience
16:45 How has Sweetwater scaled their sales organization?
20:11 David’s evolution into a marketing leader
23:42 Sweetwater’s 24-hour store
26:19 Experimental approaches that Sweetwater is using
27:09 David shares a crucial moment in his career
30:24 Lightning Round. Brought to you with Salesforce

“Boston” (Album by Boston) –

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