🎼 In today’s digital world, musicians take on many different roles. While writing and producing music are the most popular, having a marketing strategy is an important step to broaden your audience.

With so much music being released all the time, it can be difficult to know whether what you create will resonate with an audience. As a musician, you’re going to be facing the challenge of releasing your deeply personal and emotional songs to the world in measured and strategic ways. If you’re marketing your current music independently, or you’re planning to release a new album soon, in this video there are some strategies that will help you get started.

However, in our course for “Music Marketing for Artists” we will examine most used music marketing tools and platforms and how to distribute your music effectively to wider audiences and monetise it and building your income from streaming, downloads, and other potential revenue streams.

Anyway, I hope this video help you to get started with your journey and build the career you want, however if you need more supports you are welcome to check our courses or contact us to book your free consultation.

Good luck! And have a good day.

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