Why Plan your Music Marketing? In Part 1 of this 6 video series I’ll show why & how to market and release your song In 5 Easy Steps to get Your Song On Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Apple and More.
Check out this video on Mastering in your home studio: https://youtu.be/Y0PcTOWUZu0

0:00 Intro
1:05 5 easy step overview to music marketing
1:44 Industry required guidelines to submit your music to streaming services

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In this 6 part series I do a deep dive into each step to show you how to prepare to release and market your music – whether its single, EP or Album.

Here’s the 5 easy steps I cover in this series:

BONUS: Intro and legalities of music marketing on streaming services

1) Creating an MP3 of your final mix to streaming specs

2) Creating Song or Album Cover Art to Industry Specs

3) The Middle Man for Digital Distribution

4) Payment Services

5) Social Media, Email & Text Marketing

❤️ “I help music enthusiasts overcome learning & recording challenges by providing product reviews, lessons and tips on creating, performing, recording and releasing music”. Craig Colley

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0:00 Intro

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