Born in Cairo, Omar was raised in a family of musicians. His uncle, Abu Bakr Khairat, a composer and architect, established the Cairo Conservatoire.[1]

He joined the Cairo Conservatoire in 1959, studied piano with Italian Maestro Vincenzo Carro and followed correspondence courses in music theory and composition with the Trinity College in England. His debut performing in film music was The Night of Arresting Fatma in 1983. According to music experts and critics, Omar Khairat’s music bridges contemporary Egyptian and Western music reflecting genuine maturity.[citation needed]

Khairat understands authenistic emotions and traditional Egyptian music that helps him attract a large audience spanning the world. He has regularly performed at the Cairo Opera House and in various Egyptian and International ceremonies during the last fifteen years.

Les Petits Chats
Omar was a drummer for Egyptian rock band Les Petits Chats until 1971.[2][3]

Khairat has composed many successful works such as The Fortune-teller, The Magic Perfumes (1989), and Arabic Rhapsody (1992). He also composed music for international events like the National Feast of Oman 1993, the Inauguration Ceremony of Bibliotheca Alexandrina 1996, Carthage Festival, Tunisia, Operetta El Sheikh Zaid, Emirates 2000, Panorama El Abour “Symphonic Poem”, Musical Impact Cairo 1991, Fine Arts Cycle Spain 2004, October Celebrations 2000, Celebration of the Royal Jordan River Institution 2005, Garash Festival 2003, the Opening of the New Suez Canal 2015, Three Civilizations Celebration in Spain, Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Egyptian Cinema etc.
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