Problem is still riding off the high of his debut album Selfish, the fourth project he’s dropped in 2017 alone. In promotion of the LP, today we receive the music video for his latest single “Ain’t Like You,” featuring R&B powerhouses Terrace Martin and Ne-Yo.

Problem, Ne-Yo and Martin don’t actually appear in the visual for “Ain’t Like You,” but we do see their female companions deal with relationship woes. All of the ladies appear to take different approaches in regards to their situationships at first—one cleaning, another relaxing and the other buying two six-packs of beer—but in the end, they join forces to have a carefree night in spite of the men.

“I can read the signs, baby/I think you found another me/ But that could never be, baby/ But it’s seemin’ like you don’t agree (damn),” the “Get on It” spitter delivers on the heartbreak ballad, surprising with his melodic voice.

In his interview with XXL regarding Selfish, Problem discussed how he met Ne-Yo and what it’s like working with him in the studio. “So we kinda ran into each other at the weed shop, actually and then he was like, ‘I got this spot up top, pull up.’ So I pulled up, brought my boy JB Minor and we just got to constructing the beat,” he explains.

“And to watch his recording process is crazy. He lays there on the couch and the mic is way over there, but it’s picking up like he’s right here on the shit. I got the hook and we just built the song together. And he started filming a show so I took it home it’s a ballad and I’m singing on it, that shit took me an hour to do just to be in the same pocket, the shit it only took him five minutes to do [laughs], but it came together crazy. So sending it back and forth and just getting it right and tight he was like, “This shit sound crazy. Let’s go!” I’m glad I put him back in that R&B pocket, too, ’cause a lot of people miss him there, you know?”

Watch the video for fan-favorite “Ain’t Like You” below.

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Tiffany Gaines
Tiffany Gaines

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