Lyle Menendez, who has been serving two consecutive life sentences along with brother Erik for the 1989 killings of their parents, is shopping around a behind-bars reality show with famous rapper X-Raided, can exclusively reveal.

Lyle, 51, mentored Anerae Brown, also known as X-Raided, for 18 years while they served time in Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility. The rapper was granted parole and was released from prison in 2018. He served 26 years for first-degree murder with a special circumstance of gang-related homicide. The murder weapon was never found and X-Raided maintains his innocence until this day.

Lyle and Erik played a key role in the musician’s release. Younger brother Erik penned a letter to the parole board.

X-Raided’s manager Tiffany Gaines is now actively shopping the reality show to networks. The series will follow inmates a part of the Offender Administered Rehabilitative Services committee.

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“On April 7th, 2018, their request, along with several other inmates, to co-found a rehabilitation and recovery committee aimed at assisting offenders with stabling self-defined rehabilitative programs was granted by the warden of San Diego County,” Gaines told Radar.

The series is going to show how inmates “transcended their worst moments” to become “beacons of hope” to educate and transform themselves into “better human beings.”

“We hope the show promotes redemption for those having committed the unthinkable acts of crime,” Gaines said.

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Filming for the reality show has already began. X-Raided is currently on his California Dreamin’ Tour, which began in mid-January. Fans who attend his shows have been alerted that their likeness and/or image may be used for the series.

“Lyle is completely supportive and confident of X-Raided and his team’s efforts to bring awareness of the good that can come out of a bad situation,” Gaines said.

X-Raided’s love of music and performing continued behind bars. He held concerts in front of hundreds of inmates during his time in prison. He’s been working with Gaines to to perform for his prison family again.

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X-Raided was also involved in P.O.O.C.H, another non-profit program involving inmates who voluntarily train service dogs to help veterans and children with autism.

Lyle and Erik are currently serving their sentences without the possibility of parole. The brothers used shotguns purchased days before the murders to kill their wealthy parents Jose and Kitty Menendez.

Their defense argued the murders were self-defense after years of sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

Tiffany Gaines
Tiffany Gaines

Entertainment Industry Executive Tiffany Gaines, Owner and Founder of Shared Success Global (A global online marketing agency/distribution company currently marketing and distributing for over 4000 artists and 40 sub labels worldwide), has been building a name for herself as a woman of integrity and professionalism for more than a decade. Gaines graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor’s in Political Science, and an emphasis in Law and Society. She has since proved herself as not only one with intelligence and skill, but also a dedicated business woman and entrepreneur. Currently wearing several hats in both the entertainment and hotel industries, she has preserved the highest levels of professional and personal ethics by maintaining a long-term stability in providing access to a network spectrum of quality entertainment sources to both sides of the business. She’s at present, the business manager for Curtis Young, son of the Iconic Dr Dre, former drug kingpin, now currently Amazon’s best seller/Emmy Nominated/Author Freeway Rick Ross, Pomona Drey, formerly of Doggy Style Records/Pimpon Entertainment, American Rapper X-Raided, Son of the late legendary Nate Dogg, Lil Nate Dogg, Billboard charting, national recording artist/fashion designer Christine Storm and 9 times award winning actor Charles D. Clark. In addition to Management, PR and Media Services, she is currently the CEO of LRT Entertainment, Label Manager for Rick Ross Music Group, Chief Operating Officer of Amada Records, Senior Marketing Director of VP Churchill Inc (A high-end apparel company providing options of expression that allow sophisticated consumers to set their own unique distinctions through customization and sublimation. ) and one of the executive directors and content providers of Xperienc. (A three-prong company, catering to the distribution needs in music, videos on demand, streaming services for television shows, short films, movies, documentaries etc licensed with TV app platforms such as Samsung TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Roku TV, Firestick, Playstation, Xbox) just to name a few. Gaines is also a partner and international hotel broker for the National Hotel’s Association (A global network offering hotels at discounted wholesale rates holding contracts with over 850,000 hotels worldwide) servicing her entire platform of Artists, Producers, CEO’s, label owners, promoters, booking agencies and corporate companies saving her clients up to 75% off retail prices online. Over the years, she has held many positions from both major to independent vastly moving around this circle on various prestigious and exclusive levels. She’s an advocate speaker for the youth, supporter of charitable non-profit organizations such as The National Prostate Awareness Association serving on the board of directors spearheading as director of Media Relations and other meaningful causes of the like. And above all gives credit of her works to the Most-High.

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