Here are some tips and challenges for any music artists that just want to make music and haven’t yet embraced social media to promote! (If you do use social media and DON’T hate it, then these tips may still help you ha).

🍥 My PDF course ‘CREATE YOUR UNIVERSE’ is a 20 step guide to creating your own authentic brand, complete with tasks and examples for anyone who needs structure and direction to create their own music brand:

💥Do you need help promoting your music on social media in order to grow your fanbase and get more streams? 💥If so, this is for you:


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I’m a music industry creative director working on a freelance basis with a range of music artists/bands, genres and record labels. I create complete visual profiles, aesthetics, brand identities, concepts and art direction for music videos/photo shoots, stage design, in depth social media marketing campaigns and album artwork designs/illustrations. I also coach artists in branding, mindset, goal setting and social media.
I work predominantly with exaggerated visual heavy brands and always make sure the end result is authentic and genuine to the artist.


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