The BEST Advice You Could Ever Get About Marketing Your Music Independently – Are You Struggling With Promoting Your Music As a Musician? You have to listen to this amazing ArtistHustle interview with Evan Price.

Learn more about Evan:
Evan Price CEO | Artist Manager | Educator | Branding Specialist
Artist Collective is the brainchild of CEO Evan Price. With 15 years in the industry, he has had firsthand experience in every corner of the music business. Evan launched Artist Collective out of the dorm room of Columbia College Chicago while obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business. Since then he has helped launch 100+ music brands, transforming artists and musicians into “artistpreneurs”.

Questions Answered During The Interview
How can I create content that attracts my target audience outside of my songs?
I don’t know who my ideal fan is – what steps do I need to do?
I Just started posting beats on youtube and I feel like I’m not reaching enough people, Any advice?
Releasing a new project this fall, what’s the best way to get pre-sales?
During a music marketing campaign, is it better to start with Spotify playlist curation or Social media ads? Which one typically comes before the other?
IG ads: what is the best “marketing objective” option to choose for a music video?
I want to quit my day job but I don’t make any money from my music yet. I’ve been giving away the music for free – what should be the first step to start generating income?
What is the best marketing advice you’ve ever received?
When do you know you’re ready to hire a team for your career?
At what point in my career I should pitch myself to a label? Are there things I should/shouldn’t do or say when contacting a record label?

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