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We messed up! Shortly after launching our month-long challenge to post daily TikTok updates, the video-sharing platform released new guidance for creators. After years of so-called gurus promoting the idea of publishing multiple videos every day—an idea that has led many creators to resent the platform—TikTok now claims daily content is not required for meaningful growth.

We, like you, were already weeks into our challenge when this news reached us. We thought about continuing ahead as planned, but then we stopped and gave TikTok’s advice some serious consideration.

The more we thought about it, the more we realized our mistakes. Like many social media teachers, we’ve often cited the need to be persistent in publishing content to appease the algorithm. We put quantity over quality, and—more importantly—we put it over our sanity.

Nobody can post quality content every day. That is doubly true when discussing creators only on social media to promote their passion. Musicians who aspire to write life-changing songs can only afford so much creative space and time for marketing. The idea that the only way to get ahead is to produce thousands of pieces of social content for every song they write is unsustainable.

In his latest Music Biz update, host James Shotwell guides artists trying to make their mark on social media while grinding it out in the underground music scene. He also offers an apology, along with a new plan for social media success that should make your mind—and wallet—happy.

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