If you struggle setting up Facebook ads for music artists, you’re not alone.
Last year I spent £125K on Instagram Ads for musicians and over hundreds of hours I kept researching how to run Facebook Ads for music streams on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

What I discovered were 4 key themes that gave clarity how you can use Facebook ads and Instagram ads to promote your music. If you start with these fundamental Facebook ads boosting tips to setup Instagram Ads for music, it’s easy. to nail these areas:

1) Budget
2) Targeting
3) Creative
4) Offer

For real, I hope this helps you running your own Facebook Ads for music artists and watch out for my All About Helping Advertising Accelerator dropping soon!


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In the past 10 years, Ayaz has helped hundreds of rappers, producers, singers and DJs around the world with Facebook Ads, YouTube video promotion, social media content calendars, TikTok challenge planning and more.

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