What forces a fan to buy or stream an artist’s music? Knowing key factors that help you stand out is crucial to the success of your project release. Here are a few recommendations every musician should focus on.

What exactly is going to make your music stand out? The more ways you can answer this question, the better the chances of getting more listeners.

Here are some examples:

  • Playlists from retailers such as Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Pandora, Youtube Music etc.
  • Blogs and PR such as interviews on Podcasts, IG live, Facebook Live etc.
  • Official Music Videos
  • Ads for your music
  • Social media campaigns
  • Radio Campaigns
  • DJ support
  • Influencer campaigns .
  • Charting, ie. iTunes, Billboard, etc.
  • Pre-orders via iTunes, Amazon etc.

Create a blueprint that gives details to all of the above-mentioned examples of ways to help your releases stand out and repeat the process for future ones.

Once you’ve established a blueprint that works, you will begin to notice a significant difference in your long-term results.

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